Saturday, August 29, 2009

What if it were all illuminated?

What if it were all illuminated? If our main purpose in life was not to really pro-create; just purely exist? Exist as just a pure aesthetic no purpose, no real identity, just a computer programmed to roam around a world that has been created by something or someone in a parallel universe. Would it be a parallel universe? A parallel universe is described as a hypothetical set of multiple possible universes, including our own that together comprise all of reality. Reality, what is real? And what is not? How do we decide? Can we decide that ourselves? Reality is described as "the state of things as they actually exist." If everyone were to see different perceptions of “reality” then the state of things as they ‘actually exist’ is purely subjective, and wouldn’t mean the same thing to every other human being. We see the colour red, as being red, because that is what we are told it is. Were told two comes before three but after one, who decided that? And how was that conclusion met?

What if one could find a gateway into another realm, and discover that it is possible to live multiple lives whilst being completely oblivious to it in one’s “reality”? Does that perhaps explain Déjà vu? A brief moment in time that lapses with the alter universe or universes. Never does anyone have a logical explanation for déjà vu; one feels as if they know they have been there before, but where? When? Why? How? What if on purpose one was to make everyday exactly the same would the next day be déjà vu or not? Because one purposely had repeated the same tasks throughout the day, or is that in its entirety not possible because of destiny? What is destiny? ..................

There is more to my ramble.. i have it stored away in a place accessable only to the dark minded, and myself.. Does anyone else ever think the same way?

Let me know what you think.

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