Sunday, October 25, 2009

body parts is what i love

well hi there all, who would like to be apart of art??

If you answered yes then please listen up.

I am currently working on an artwork for an exhibition coming up in December with two of my friends. (Invitation will be posted soon) i am in search of images, just snapshots of body parts.. i dont care what body parts they are (yes! people's genitals are welcome) your faces won't be in the artwork unless you send me an image like that. elbows, toes, armpits, knees, stomach, breasts, finger nails... crazy shit.. i need it all..

send images to:
(by the 21st of November please)

All contributions would be muchly appreciated. If you send me an image, i will send you an invitation so you can see your lovely images on the wall.

Hope to hear from some peeps soon. :) :)

Thanks, Loren.

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