Friday, December 11, 2009


You were perfect in every sense. You made me smile, laugh and even have butterflies. Remember when we sat on that park bench staring at the water, it was silent; all you could hear was the birds and the wind through the trees. You moved your hand up my thigh, past my crotch, onto my stomach and held me really close to you, I didn’t tell you this but you made me so nervous. I always felt you staring at me, smiling; then when I looked at you you’d kiss me and look down in embarrassment. I liked the way you held my hand, tightly. I liked the way you would stare at me as if you were suddenly in love. I liked the way you made me quiver every time you touched me. Now that you don’t speak to me anymore, and I don’t even know why I’ve had time to ponder. I feel empty inside now, all the time. You should have stayed; I think I was falling in love with you, a beautiful stranger.

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