Friday, December 25, 2009

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Hey all,

First off, Merry Christmas.. I hope your day was far more exciting then my own.
I spent all day at my grandmothers house, which is never really fun.

Loren, your hair is horrible.
Loren, why are you wearing so much black?
Loren, don't make smart ass comments.
Loren, why don't you have a full-time job?
Loren, blah blah blah fucking blah.....

Whatever, doesn't really bother me anymore you learn to immune yourself from insults.
On a lighter note, new years eve... Thursday. How fast did 2009 go, my gosh.
It's a very good thing but, didn't really enjoy '09. I say BRING ON THE NEW DECADE!

New decade, new opportunites, new experiences, new art projects...
All sounds very very exciting. Speaking of new art projects, i need models who are willing to pose for me, partial or full nudity may be apart of the shoot, so be open minded.
My wife, Roxanne and I are producing a coffee table like book.
My photography, her writing.. there will be a blog about it shortly as well.
I shall keep you updated.
I'm off now, may watch Wayne's World or something...
Have a good christmas. :)

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