Tuesday, December 29, 2009

just thinking..

You know when you start to think your life is becoming completely ludicrous, and you begin to piece parts of your life together and slowly understand why the people around you find you and your life humorous?
When you think, finally things are starting to look up for you. Then something happens, then before you can blink, it's gone?
When you begin to question others around you, their behaviour, their words, them as humans.. then begin to question yourself, your surroundings, your words, your behaviour..?
When you finally have a clear vision in life, and are certain about everything; then one day you wake up so confused, so uninspired you throw that all away then back to square one?
When you thought you made the right decisions about people, then slowly come to realise they were the biggest mistake you've ever made?
When your so intimidated by other people, and you don't know why, because your a confident person?
When you have stupid fears that get in the way of you living a life, and experiencing everything that is on offer?
and finally, you don't know why but, when you no longer feel like you..?

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