Friday, December 18, 2009


I want your body to fuck. You’re not going to get laid ever. Her boobs are perfection, yours not so much. His wang freaks me out. My hands are my only company. Is lack of company really the issue anyway? You have too many posters on your wall. I own too much art. Wait, too much art? I think he’s cute. His kid is pretty adorable too. I can’t believe they’re moving in together. He’s annoying. I wonder what you’d look like blonde. Did you actually want to fuck me that night? I miss your body. Not for anything really. Just miss it being there. I found love. Rubie, she has nice boobs too. I don’t love her cause of that. You’re not that shallow. Fuck! You’re pretty pathetic if that’s the soundtrack to your life. Spose that makes me kinda cool but. I don’t think she really liked you anyway; just wanted your body. Lacking experience, lacking excitement. Hey! Let’s all get naked. These earrings don’t go with this outfit. New Year has almost arrived. I wonder what it will bring her. She shouldn’t scratch her eyes out. It’s not that bad, gosh. I need new toothpaste. I like her new hair, makes you more confident, yes? I’d love to pose for you. I don’t think she’s worthy enough but. Stars aren’t glowing tonight. Dumb clouds. I don’t think she ever makes sense, doesn’t matter but, I don’t care, because they don’t care. Does she care? What? Stop tormenting me. I’ll throw my phone away soon. Thinking about it now, she wants my body to fuck, I know it...

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  1. yes! bravo! 'i want your body to fuck'. you used it in something. reminds me i still need to write about that thing you said... 'my lip is twitching.' oooo and you made up a name for me. i like the unorthodox spelling.