Sunday, April 25, 2010


i stroke his face so i know he is real.
i feel his face is going to fade away.
like the universe is going to to magically remove him.
remove him from my life, from my memory.
When i look into his eyes i see he is happy
but there is always more, something unfulfilled.
i wonder if he thinks the same thing?
Does he think all of this is a dream, a life like illusion
that lasted for months, or is it all real?
Touching his rough hands makes me feel safe, whole, satisfied
when he interlocks his legs into mine
then intertwines his hands into mine
i then understand
it's real, it always will be.
i watch him sleep
i hear him breathe
i see into his eyes
i touch his skin
i smell the smell that is him
i taste his passionate kisses.
it's real.
the universe can't change that.

i love him.

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