Tuesday, October 12, 2010

6 months..

6 months is too long for anything really..

too long without money
too long without sex
too long without food
too long without water
too long without a companion
too long with a companion
too long with the same hair cut
too long with smoking
too long without smoking
too long with face book
too long without face book.

the list goes on..

for me, it's been six months for many things... but the one thing I am definitely missing the most is:

Six Months: Without having a important conversation, with someone important in my life.

Makes me feel a little bit lost inside knowing that, I used to talk to people all the time about things that i thought were important, now it's all mindless chatter, and it gets quite boring.

So, I invite all of you to tell me what you have gone with or without for 6 MONTHS, why, and the effects of that!

- L

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