Sunday, October 31, 2010

In the spirit of halloween

Well, for the southern hemisphere Halloween is in April rather than October.. According to my sister. However, this year i've decided to be kind and actually answer the door when little children came knocking for candy. It's rather Ironic. "Don't take anything from strangers" my mother always taught me, however halloween and christmas is the only time we can take candy from strangers, whether it be someone dressed as a ghost, a pumpkin or santa on Christmas.

Anyway, even though this has nothing to do with halloween (i tricked you) updates about Obscur Photography. We've gone all high-tech! We have created a YouTube channel.
Find it here:

I've also decided to put a raincheck on my 70s theme inspired photo-shoot as everyone is working on that day, which is a bit of a bummer. I'm trying to get to the sunday.. 7th November. (which reminds me, i must text people!) This photoshoot will be my first 'behind-the-scenes.' on ObscurTV which is pretty exciting. April is going to be editing these short clips, as she is a film student and volunteered anyway :) So that's all happening very, very soon! Stay tuned peeps!

- L

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