Monday, November 29, 2010

I can never think of creative titles to write

Well, i've got a little apple crazy. Bought my self and iPhone, then got myself an iMac (which i'm on right now) my mum got her self an iPad, and i'm now eating peanut butter on toast.

Today has been my only day off in like...nearly 10 days. I have another i think 7 more working days ahead of me, it's horrid. Being a slave to the corporate world.
I did go to kinukoniya the other day and bought my self two books; cause i think i deserve something. One was 'I lick my cheese' and the other 'How to be an explorer of the world' - I love them both. That book has actually inspired me, i've felt a little dead lately with my creativity, and inspiration. On a scale of one to ten i feel like i'm around the 2 possibly 3 mark. it's irritating. So if any of you know how to re-inspire me and get my creativity back to where it should be (1o) then i will be forever grateful. :D

Anyway, that was a little catch up on Loren's world. Photo shoots are coming soon. In the new year i'm going to be photographing through the ass! Everyone is just so busy lately, it's hard :(
But never fear, early, early, next year my website/blog/facebook/twitter AND the newly created ObscurTV will be going through a MAJOR re-invent and will tickle all of your fancies.
so, stay tuned. :)

- L

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