Friday, November 19, 2010

Yes! I write as well.

Don't get too excited I'm not some epic writer like my amazing friend Roxanne Groebel.
I just write to make myself feel better. Tell me what you all think please. I haven't written in SOO long. But here it is.


she was sitting in her warm room that was lit only by the computer screen.
her boyfriend was lying on the bed half asleep ignoring the fact the love of his life is by the comfy chair sitting in nothing but her damp towel with tears running down her face.
he had made her feel unappreciated, and not worthy of his time. probably unintentional.
she was contemplating what life would be like if it were a movie. romantic comedy. only because her life doesn't contain action, fantasy, or horror. appropriate music would play on cue in the background, and there would be voice overs of what she really thought of a situation after she had just lied to somebody's face.
It would be a film that only ended when she had closed her eyes one last time, the last time she had smelt something sweet, heard her favourite song, and saw her wonderful man. The film would be entitled her name, in subtle letters nothing too bold, she wasn't anybody important. Just a person.
By this time her boyfriend is fully asleep, deep in some place that i guarantee is better than this place.
He snores pretty loud, but she doesn't mind. She kind of likes it, lets her know hes still here.
Sometimes she thinks she doesn't even need to hear his words to know what hes thinking about, or dreaming about.
He always looks so peaceful, it's nice. She feels that hes happier there than he is here. with her.
she wouldn't want to know what he's dreaming about. it would hurt to much.
She's probably overreacting. She does that a lot. She keep repeating over and over "no more fear, no more fear
i'm in love" Oh! Black Rebel Motorcycle Gang. You make her happy.
She always thinks shes dreamed him into life. But sometimes she thinks she forgot to fine tune the details.
She feels like she loved him before she met him, but that impossible.
she was very cynical about love before him, sometimes she admits; she still is. Maybe love really doesn't exist. Maybe she is tricked into believing it does. Maybe what she is feeling towards him is a very strong sense of desire and lust and some unknown connection. A force so strong it was given the word 'love'.
Ignore her. She believes in love. She tries to convince herself it doesn't exist, so she doesn't get hurt. Being with someone that a bond forms so strong that if she were to jump, he would be there to break her fall.
There's your movie. A movie about love, not some cheesy love story. Just love. What it means, and how people fall into it's beautiful, welcoming, desirable, sneaky trap.

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