Saturday, May 14, 2011

brand spankin' new

starting a new blog soon.

i'm going to make a photography book out of the same concept.
enter it in a competition.
probably lose.
oh well.

stay tuned.
i'll create it when i actually have spare time.

Monday, May 2, 2011

I wrote this on the train, it was all my thoughts, and the music I was listening to.

Central station.

You feel like the beginning of your day was a waste of your time.


You feel un-easy; maybe it’s the stomach bug?


It’s the lifestyle you want.



David Bowie comes on, Lady grinning soul, you smile.

You think even though the morning sucked, Bowie is here.


The Cure, Lullaby.

You feel like you’ve lost your quirkiness.


You suddenly remember the friends you lost, but didn’t really ‘loose’


Spider man is having me for dinner tonight.

You feel like you’re loosing faith.

You start to see the difference in surroundings.


You see a sign you’ve never noticed before

“Smart critiques, stupid creates” you wonder why it’s there.

You start to question the direction of your own life.

Nirvana, Lithium.

You start remembering that you are cool.


Bending railroad, a magnetic strip that keeps us upright.

Always makes you feel anxious.

There’s always that moment when everything feels like it stops in the world

Just for a second

Just like the train, then it continues on like nothing.

Arrive Flemington.

No Doubt, Are you happy?

You pass a familiar cemetery; you look away. You’re overwhelmed.


Jefferson Airplane, High Flying Bird.

You feel as high as that bird.


“The only way to fly is to die”

You suddenly get the “oh lord I’m going to die blues”

You pass Clyde.

Bowie, Fame

Your mind clears, only cause you’re now singing on the train.

You’re now at Granville.

Doors closing please stand clear.


The Cure, The Walk

Seems relevant at the time.

Waking up in the rain, perhaps it means something. It is raining.

“Visiting time is over…. So we both play dead”

One lady is coughing; you get paranoid.

She looks like death, you feel like death.

Flock of Seagulls, I ran.

Seven Hills.

You’re getting closer.

Things get weirder.

People start to stare.

You wonder what the rest of your day will be like.


You realize these animals are your fellow men.

It saddens you.

Rooty Hill.

You were educated there.

Seems like a decade ago.

Again, you feel sad.

But there’s a feeling of enlightenment when you reach

Mt Druitt.

Odd, but it’s home.

Your ride comes, takes you home.

It’s warmer in the car.

Music changes, feels right.

Welcome to the Jungle, Guns n Roses.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

wrote this about 2 years ago. inspiration Roxanne and Marek.

speaking of..

live and learn.
jack daniels.
psych ward.
bra and knickers.
grow apart.
80 year olds.
sms culture.
cross dressing.
night rider.
he was so daft.
beauty fades.
dumb is forever.
no sex.
marriage is the longest conversation.
7 years.
only child.
douche bag.
conversations that go nowhere.
top 5 songs to..
going to venus.
double your chances.
art school.
melting pot of ideas.
mouse scum.
wire frame glasses.
ski goggles.
off the hizzay.
curtis mayfield.
drug movies.
altered states.
mexican tribe.
everyone's trip is the same.
isolation chamber.
nina simone.
drop of fresh water in an ocean of noise.
lilac and wine.
flock of seagulls.
red red wine.
gett off.
good times.
jeff buckley.
rolling stones.
no structure.
good night out.
darling nikki.
let's go crazy.
the backbone of..
chocolate and cheese.
sea creatures.
talking book.
i believe.
blue vinyl.
red vinyl.
didn't take much.
Rasberry Beret.

i had the strangest dream last night..

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ideas, ideas, ideas

Ah Lady Gaga and Terry Richardson.

So, i'm thinking of things to do with my photography. i'm thinking photo-zines. except i'm a little unsure as to how to go about that. If anyone has any idea, let me know!

Since project one for The Dice Group, SOOOOO many people want me to photograph them. it's awesome! so many different people, so many styles. should be really exciting!!

short blog this time. but next post should have more exciting stuff to say. :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Project One

So, The Dice Group did its first project last wednesday with Kara Palmieri. We did 6 shoots in the time span of about 5 hours. It was crazy. Our videographer wasn't able to attend these shoots unfortunately other wise we would have gotten some fabulous footage as well as amazing photos. Here are some photos from last week..

All photos were taken by myself. The studio in which i took three of the shots were at Natural Lights Photography. Danielle was kind enough to let me use her studio for those shots. :) Styling was done by Roxanne Groebel.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ga ga oh la la

Okay, soo I lied. I said I would update you in the first few weeks of January and I didn't. I'm sorry. I looked at my blog several times and then had to go do something else. Very distracted.

So anyway, things are still in the planning process . But pretty much what is happening is Obscur Photography is going to have a different look to it, thats still a secret. The other thing is OP is branching out... Expanding... It's this thing called 'The Dice Group' it's going to be a collaborative of artists banning together to make art. As mentioned in my last post I need a whole range of people for this particular project. More will be told on The Dice Group soon. we all need to come together and discuss some stuff in more detail. Then I will let you all know the goss. If anyone is interested in being apart of The Dice Group contact me! You can be from anywhere around the world, as long as you're creative, we want you!

That's all for now. Will update soon. I have some sites for you all to visit. :-)!/its_loren