Monday, May 2, 2011

I wrote this on the train, it was all my thoughts, and the music I was listening to.

Central station.

You feel like the beginning of your day was a waste of your time.


You feel un-easy; maybe it’s the stomach bug?


It’s the lifestyle you want.



David Bowie comes on, Lady grinning soul, you smile.

You think even though the morning sucked, Bowie is here.


The Cure, Lullaby.

You feel like you’ve lost your quirkiness.


You suddenly remember the friends you lost, but didn’t really ‘loose’


Spider man is having me for dinner tonight.

You feel like you’re loosing faith.

You start to see the difference in surroundings.


You see a sign you’ve never noticed before

“Smart critiques, stupid creates” you wonder why it’s there.

You start to question the direction of your own life.

Nirvana, Lithium.

You start remembering that you are cool.


Bending railroad, a magnetic strip that keeps us upright.

Always makes you feel anxious.

There’s always that moment when everything feels like it stops in the world

Just for a second

Just like the train, then it continues on like nothing.

Arrive Flemington.

No Doubt, Are you happy?

You pass a familiar cemetery; you look away. You’re overwhelmed.


Jefferson Airplane, High Flying Bird.

You feel as high as that bird.


“The only way to fly is to die”

You suddenly get the “oh lord I’m going to die blues”

You pass Clyde.

Bowie, Fame

Your mind clears, only cause you’re now singing on the train.

You’re now at Granville.

Doors closing please stand clear.


The Cure, The Walk

Seems relevant at the time.

Waking up in the rain, perhaps it means something. It is raining.

“Visiting time is over…. So we both play dead”

One lady is coughing; you get paranoid.

She looks like death, you feel like death.

Flock of Seagulls, I ran.

Seven Hills.

You’re getting closer.

Things get weirder.

People start to stare.

You wonder what the rest of your day will be like.


You realize these animals are your fellow men.

It saddens you.

Rooty Hill.

You were educated there.

Seems like a decade ago.

Again, you feel sad.

But there’s a feeling of enlightenment when you reach

Mt Druitt.

Odd, but it’s home.

Your ride comes, takes you home.

It’s warmer in the car.

Music changes, feels right.

Welcome to the Jungle, Guns n Roses.

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